About Me

This is me

As you have probably already guessed my name is Michael Duncalf. I found photography partly by accident. The fact I literally spent half my of my school holidays as a child sleeping in my Grandfathers dark room probably helped.

I inherited my Grandfathers old 35mm Ricoh camera’s and lenses. Sadly the camera’s themselves were old and didn’t work. The manual focus glass I had did at least work on a modern digital camera. As it happened I needed a camera to photograph some of the dance nights on the Island and this is where is all started for me.

Since buying my first camera I’ve began to really enjoy what I do. Initially I bought my camera more out of necessity than anything else, but I quickly realised I liked capturing those special moments. I began thinking about taking my photography a little more seriously, but, I knew I wouldn’t put myself out there until I felt I was ready. Throughout 2016 I’ve actively planned photoshoots and now feel it’s time to take that next step with my photography. This is going to be a journey and I invite you all to join me.